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Opportunities for students

We have opportunities for both master and bachelor projects, as well as smaller term projects focused on various aspects of the moth-mountain birch ecosClick for larger imageystem. Whether you are keen on field work, laboratory experiments or remote sensing and GIS, there will be something of interests. Take a look at our research activities for more details.

Suggestions for student projects are posted below as they become available, but you are always welcome to contact us with your own ideas. Please include your CV at first contact.


Topis for student projects:

To be updated!


Our current students:



Moritz Klinghardt, MSc student (2012-2014)





Jakob Iglhaut, internship student (2012)




Students graduated from the project (year):

Sabrina Schultze, MSc (2012); Maja Sjøskog, MSc (2011); Saga Svavarsdottir, MSc (2010); Ole Petter Vindstad, MSc (2010); Tino Schott, MSc (2008); Teresa E. G. Chocarro, BSc (2006); Norun M. Hansen, MSc. (2006); Ragnhild R. Mjaaseth, MSc. (2004), Jacqueline Weidner, BSc (2008); Ingrid Aalstad, BSc (2008)